No One Is Listening

debut novel now available



From the outside, Bell's life seems to be made up of expensive cocktails, beautiful women, and first-class flights around the globe. But to him, it's become a monotonous - just the same thing, different day, different place.

As he sets out on a worldwide tour with his band, an unexpected phone call from his addict brother continues to haunt him. Through drug-induced flashbacks and booze-fueled, face-melting dreams about a mother who abandoned him for reasons he can't fully understand, Bell examines his relationships with women, work, and family. Can a whimsical blonde, a speeding Porsche, and a fist fight with a cab driver pull him out of his head? Will going back to Texas - where it all began - give him a sense of belonging and closure? Or will it always be same thing, different day, different place?

No One Is Listening is about finding forgiveness without an apology and finding redemption without change.



Matthew Sanchez

is a Brooklyn-based songwriter, drummer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He got his start at Berklee College of Music in Boston, studying orchestral composition and film scoring. Matthew is a founding member of the rock band American Authors.

No One Is Listening is his first novel.